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“The Wonders of Prayer:
A Record Of Well Authenticated And Wonderful”

“Revised By D.W. Whittle.

Mrs. Mullers Chair

The writer had many thoughts in this line suggested to him by an
incident, with which he was connected, in the life of George Muller. It was
my happiness to cross the Atlantic in the company of this dear brother on
the steamship Sardinian, from Quebec to Liverpool, in June, 1880.

I met Mr. Muller in the express office the morning of sailing, about
half an hour before the tender was to take the passengers to the ship. He
asked of the agent if a deck chair had arrived for him from New York. He
was answered, No, and told that it could not possibly come in time for the
steamer. I had with me a chair I had just purchased and told Mr. Muller of
the place near by, where I had obtained it, and suggested that as but a few
moments remained he had better buy one at once. His reply was, "No, my
brother, Our Heavenly Father will send the chair from New York. It is one
used by Mrs. Muller, as we came over, and left in New York when we landed.
I wrote ten days ago to a brother who promised to see it forwarded here last week.
He has not been prompt as I would have desired, but I am sure Our Heavenly
Father will send the chair. Mrs. Muller is very sick upon the sea, and has
particularly desired to have this same chair, and not finding it here yesterday
when we arrived, as we expected, we have made special prayer that Our Heavenly
Father would be pleased to provide it for us, and we will trust Him to do so."
As this dear man of God went peacefully on board the tender, running the risk
of Mrs. Muller making the voyage without a chair, when for a couple of dollars
she could have been provided for, I confess I feared Mr. Muller was carrying his
faith principles too far and not acting wisely.

I was kept at the express office ten minutes after Mr. Muller left. Just
as I started to hurry to the wharf a team drove up the street, and on top
of a load just arrived from New York,
was Mr. Muller's chair! It was
sent at once to the tender and placed in
my hands to take to Mr.
Muller (the Lord having a lesson for me) just as the boat was leaving the
dock. I found Mr. and Mrs. Muller in a retired spot on one side of the
tender and handed him the chair. He took it with the happy, pleased
expression of a child who has just received a kindness deeply appreciated,
and reverently removing his hat and folding his hands over it, he thanked
his Heavenly Father for sending the chair. "In
everything by prayer
and supplication let your requests be made known unto God." "Casting
all your care upon Him, for He careth for you.