Evangelist Ken McDonald

AV 1611, The Book that runs the world

By Evangelist Ken McDonald B.D., Th.M.

In my research on the new age medicine I also came across Homeopathy. I was familiar with it as Terri and I had been introduced to it by various people over the years. Some of these were very sincere and dedicated Christians. Most of them were women, though at least one of them was a man. In much of this new age medicine the women are very active in it. It is the men that will recognize it, as a rule, before the women do. "The man was not deceived..." 1 Tim. 2:14

Homeopathy was started by a German physician named Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), though it is partially based on principals used by Greek Physicians dating back to Hippocrates in the fifth century BC.

As I studied I came across this quote,
"Hahnemann reasoned that there is a subtle energy force in the body, the vital force, that responds 'to the tiny provocations of the remedies and enable the body to heal itself' (Lckie and Geddes, 1995, p.18). In this respect, homeopathy is compatible to meridian therapies in that both are professed to treat an inherent bio-energy system." (Energy Psychology, Gallo, pg 44)

So Homeopathy is treating the “Qi” as well, though they refer to it as “bio-energy”. Nevertheless, it is still the same thing no matter what it is called. This “bio-energy”, that is also known by over 90 different names, is not merely energy, but it is spirit. The energy of your body is your spirit for the bible says,
James 2:26 For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also. The “subtle energy” is spiritual, and the Word of God says, Gen. 3:1 Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. The subtle energy Hahnemann is referring to is spiritual by nature and not benign energy such as electricity. It is unclean, making it an unclean spirit.

Energy Psychology, Gallo pg 44
Homeopathic theory suggests that humans are somewhat like the electrons of an atom. Electrons within an atom occupy energy shells or spatial domains which are known as orbitals. Each orbital possesses certain frequency and energetic characteristics depending on the type and molecular weight of the atom. In order to excite or move an electron into the next highest orbital, one needs to deliver to it energy of a specific frequency. Only a quantum of the exact energetic requirements will cause the electron to jump to a higher orbital. This is known as the principle of resonance, in which tuned oscillators will only accept energy in a narrow frequency band. Through the process of resonance, energy of the proper frequency will excite the electron to move to a higher level or energy state in its orbit around the nucleus.

Human beings may be similar to electrons in that their energetic subcomponents occupy different vibrations modes, which we might call health orbits and disease orbits. For the human being whose energetic frequency will be accepted to shift the body into a new orbit or steady-state of health. Homeopathic remedies are able to deliver that needed quantum of subtle energy to the human system through a type of resonance induction.
(Gerber, 1988, pp. 84-85)

Doesn't that sound so scientific? Isn't that impressive? If you are sick then you need your electrons shifted to a higher orbit.
It may sound scientific but it is the false science that the Christian is warned about in 1Tim. 6:20 O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called. This certainly is not true science.

Walter Last (Bio,
http://www.the-heal-yourself-series.com/Author.html), "However, homeopathy cannot be understood as a substance based method, such as drug medicine or herbalism where any healing effect is due to chemical reactions. A simple calculation shows that in the higher potencies not a single molecule of the original substance will be present. But these high potencies are often more effective than low potencies. Therefore, homeopathy can only be understood as working with energy remedies."

Either way though, it is definitely dealing with energy, and the energetic vibrations of the body. It is energy balancing, just like acupuncture. Though the terminology is different, yet the effort, or attempt is to adjust a persons subtle energy from a state of orbital dis-ease, to a state of orbital steady-state. Goodheart would call this Homeostasis, which is also known as a balanced state of Yin and Yang.

So, how are the Homeopathic remedies created? This is where it gets "spooky". Well, you first get a substance that you want to turn into a homeopathic remedy. Often times these are poisons, and very toxic substances. In order to use them they are then diluted to the point that
"not a single molecule of the mother tincture was left in the mixture." (Energy Psychology, Gallo pg 44) The process of diluting a substance is known as "potentization." Now you have a more potent substance, even though you have less of the substance in it? And the more you dilute it the stronger it becomes? That is Homeopathy. But there is a catch.

During the potentization process the substance is
"succussed." What happens when the substance is succussed is that it is vigorously shaken and banged on a hard surface. Hahnemann believed that this "caused the remedy's energy to be released into the water/alcohol mixture." (Energy Psychology, Gallo, pg 44) No, I am not making this up. There is more to this banging and shaking though.

According to Walter Last (Bio,
http://www.the-heal-yourself-series.com/Author.html) “Shake the mixture vigorously 40 or 50 times in a bottle or jar, accentuating the downward stroke. Alternatively, strike the mixing bottle 40 to 50 times on a resilient surface. This sample is now in the first potency, described as 1 C. Take 1 part of this, dilute it again with 99 parts water, shake, and you have a potency of 2C. This process is repeated until the desired potency is reached.”

The explanation is that every natural substance has an etheric field around its molecular structure. The special shaking action, or potentizing, used in homeopathy, supposedly separates the etheric fields from their material substance. The latter is then discarded and the former concentrated. These concentrated etheric fields are much more potent in this way than when they were combined with matter. Similar etheric concentrates can be produced with radionics instruments. The healing effect of such concentrates depends on their vibrational frequency. Because of this the name vibrational medicine has been coined for these methods.

Etheric is synonymous with the aura, or subtle energy. Hello! Here we go again: Qi, Prana, Vital energy etc., though this
"etheric field" is the energy field at the molecular structure. They claim it is the field of electromagnetic waves that flow through the universe. Same as Innate intelligence, Qi, Yin and Yang Qi, and Tao, along with all of the other names given by who knows how many different people who thought they were enlightened, but ended up dumber than a box of rocks. (Southern term for a fool.)

As I have researched this there is another thing that keeps coming up. As I read the books, and especially as I visit the various web sites, they generally always have stars and bright lights on the web sites or in the pictures in the books. These are etheric manifestations.
2Cor. 11:14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Ah yes, there is the root of it all. Nothing like a King James Bible to shed real light on the workings of the god of this world.

Did you notice that in the production of the homeopathic remedies, according to Walter Last, the downward stroke is to be accentuated? Isn't that strange? You are to shake it and the downward stroke is to be harder, faster, with more energy, than the upward stroke. Isn't that strange? Then, to make this motion even more intense you are to strike the substance on a resilient surface, or you are to bang it on a hard surface during the process of succussing for potentization. Isn't that strange?

In muscle testing, also known as body dowsing, the standard method, is to push the arm downward. In dowsing for water, or other things, the movement is generally downward for an indication. In acupuncture the arrival of Qi is for the doctor to feel the needle like a fishing pole, downward pull. In heavy metal music they are called "head bangers" and the downward movement of the head is accentuated on the beat of the music. And here also in Homeopathy the downward movement is essential for power in the remedy. Isn't that strange? That's what I meant by

I know a family who told me about an experience that they went through with homeopathy. They are a dedicated Christian family who are active in church, read their Bible daily, pray and have a very real walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Though they are much aware of spiritual things, yet there are health problems in the family so they started going to various alternative practitioners, and using various remedies, among which was some homeopathic remedies. After receiving the homeopathic remedies and using them there seemed to be a change in their home. The peace was not there, that had once been there. Agitation and confusion now seemed to underly the atmosphere, and while they greatly love each other and their children, yet there was a strain that was noticed, especially by his wife.

After hearing a sermon I preached on New Age medicine, and the experience that we had with it, they realized what the problem was. They went home and cleaned out all of their new age medicine, books and things, yet the atmosphere in their home had not changed. Something was still wrong. After a day or two, and after much prayer, they found a bottle of homeopathic medicine that had been given to them by a Christian. After throwing it out there came a peace back into their home that had not been there since they had started using the new age medicine. There was a bad spirit associated with that homeopathic medicine.

Though the medicine had helped with the sickness, yet the sacrifice of a bad spirit and strife was not worth it. The physical had been relieved by the medicine, yet it had brought in a bad spirit, as well as quenched the Holy Spirit in their home. The physical had been helped, but the Holy Spirit had been grieved and quenched. The sacrifice was not worth it. Yes, the sickness was back as strong as ever, yet the joy, peace and love that had returned to their home was much more worth it, let alone, pleasing to the Lord Jesus Christ.

If you have been using Homeopathic medicine, as well as any other energy/spirit medicine then in order to break free from the unclean spiritual influence you must repent. Acknowledge your sin to the Lord Jesus Christ, repent, turn from it, submit to, and call upon the Lord Jesus Christ to forgive you. If you are lost, ask Him to come into your heart and save you. Yes, you will have to surrender to be sick, just as the Apostle Paul did, 2 Cor. 12:9
Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

That does not mean you have to be sick. You can still pray for the Lord to heal you, and you can still go to a biblical doctor, for Jesus said, Matt. 9:12 They that be whole need not a physician, but they that are sick. Jesus Christ recommended doctors! A biblical / traditional doctor first checks your blood and then proceeds from there, for the word of God says, Lev. 17:11 For the life of the flesh is in the blood. The word of God does not say that the life of the flesh is in the energy! Energy/spirit medicine is unbiblical and will open you up to devils!