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Sermon in a Book Series

Sermon In A Book is a series of sermons that I have preached in meetings across America, as well as in other countries. It would have been far easier for me to merely have these sermons transcribed into books, but in such cases the reader is a third party observing the communication between the preacher and the congregation he is preaching to.

So these sermons are written out by myself, and in so doing are able to directly “connect” with the reader. By writing these sermons so as to be read, I am able to make changes to the text in ways that I could never do when publically preaching. Writing enables far greater liberty to fully explain and communicate the points that I desire to make.

It is my desire that you will be ministered to by the Lord Jesus Christ through the reading of this book. Should that happen then know it is all because of, and for the glory of Jesus Christ.

John 15:5 Jesus said, “for without me, ye can do nothing.”

Jesus, Talk to Me

Have you ever desired to get the Lord's attention?

Sermon in a book series 1

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Jesus, Talk To Me is a Bible study, and a sermon on four people in the New Testament of the Holy Bible. The Lord Jesus Christ responds differently to each one. Why? In finding the answers there are some great lessons to be learned as to why the Lord Jesus Christ pays attention to some people and ignores others.

Print Length - 68 Pages
May 9, 2017

Dealing With Bad In-Laws

A Bible study on Jacob and Laban

Sermon in a book series 2

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Are you having trouble in your home due to “In-Laws”? Do you not know where or how to draw the line? Maybe you thought that families were to get along and you feel troubled about having bad feelings towards them.

This study on “Dealing With Bad In-Laws” answers those questions and more. It takes you through the example of Laban, who was Jacob’s father in-law, and shows how to deal with such matters and situations, biblically. This study can be liberating to couples who still feel the need or command to obey Mother or Father. By obeying the word of God, you can have peace in your home where there had been turmoil and frustration.

Print Length - 116 pages
February 23, 2017

Even as God

Healing Relationships Biblically

Sermon in a book series 3

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In the day and age in which we live the Bible says that iniquity abounds and because of it the love of many waxes cold. (Matt. 24:12) Often cold hearts are the result of getting hurt and betrayed by loved ones. If you do not understand God’s way of, and the steps needed to be taken in order for proper healing and true reconciliation to take place in a relationship, then you are vulnerable to getting you heart broken over and over again.

Even As God takes you through the steps set forth in the word of God for true healing and reconciliation of a relationship. It gives the reader an understanding of why a relationship may or may not be restored. Often people will blame themselves, or feel guilty when they have no biblical reason for such blame and guilt.

This book shows how God is our example for forgiveness and the steps He takes, and what He requires from those who have trespassed against Him. When you understand the responsibilities on both sides of a broken relationship, it is plain to see what needs to take place for true reconciliation. Often this understanding has a liberating effect on those who are hurting so that they no longer live under a dark cloud of guilt.

Print Length - 190 pages
May 20, 2017

Four Sides of Calvary

Our Lord's Battle On the Cross

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Four Sides of Calvary, takes you from the arrest of Jesus Christ through the amazing battle that takes place for the six hours he is on the cross, and finishes with his resurrection. There are four different views that take place at Calvary:

  • Those around the cross
  • Jesus, as he looks out from the cross
  • Hell, as they look up
  • Heaven, as they look down.
By the grace of God, may we never look at Calvary and what our Saviour suffered the same. Oh, What a Saviour!

Print Length - 82 pages
October 31, 2022

The Sons of Zadok

What Will You Do for 1000 Years?

Sermon in a book series 5

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hy Kingdom Come

There is coming a kingdom on this earth when King Jesus Christ will rule and reign for 1000 years. It is called the Millennium, and it is going to be the greatest period this earth has ever known. During this time there will be no war. Animals will be vegetarians. People will live for many hundreds of years.

The Lord Jesus Christ will reign over the earth from Jerusalem with the sons of Zadok at His side. Not only that, but His Bride, the Church, is coming back with Him. If you have been Born Again, then you are part of His Bride. What will you do during those 1000 years? This is an amazing study, as well as a very sobering study. The scriptures are very clear. Learn what awaits you during the millennial reign of Jesus Christ!

Print Length - 210 pages
November 12, 2022