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The Spiritual Dangers of Alternative Medicine

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Agitation, anger, fighting and fear had become unwanted emotions that were part of our once peaceful home. After hearing a testimony from a lady of how alternative medicine had been destroying her home and health, my wife and I repented of the alternative medicine that we had been using. The same day we repented, peace and love came back into our home and stayed like it had been some years earlier.

This change in ourselves, as well as our home provoked me to study and find out what was going on? Knowing the Bible could answer any question I had, and also knowing that God is not the author of confusion, I began to study alternative medicine in light of what the scriptures say. The more I studied the more shocked I became at what I was finding. The roots of alternative medicine became very dark. The practices themselves had been reworded to sound innocent yet the works being done had not changed from the works done by witches, shamans and sorcerers from days of old.

Defiled, is the culmination of my findings, in light of the scriptures, regarding the spiritual dangers of alternative medicine. It goes deep and is not a feel good dissertation on alternative medicine. As always, the word of God is your final authority. Defiled is merely a man’s writing, yet I do believe it will give the reader plenty to ponder and consider on this subject of alternative medicine.

Dear Christian -
Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: 1Peter 5:8

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From a Biblical Perspective

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The art of aromatherapy has become extremely popular in the last twenty years. More and more stores, such as Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, and others have shelves in pharmacy sections with little glass bottles of essential oils for sale. Houses of worship are scented with essential oils as well as church members selling and talking about how to use essential oils.

Along with the popularity of the use of aromatherapy come the “claims of healing”. Frankincense essential oil healed someone of cancer. Lavender essential oil enabled someone else to get some sleep. Other oil blends claim to calm, cheer, bring hope and joy and many other healings for the body as well. But is Aromatherapy, which is the therapeutic use of essential oils, the innocent holistic art that it claims to be, or is there more to it? How does the Lord Jesus Christ view aromatherapy? Are essential oils really found in the Bible? Is Aromatherapy found in the Bible? Is it right for a Christian to use essential oils?

Aromatherapy: From a Biblical Perspective takes an in depth look from the word of God to see what it has to say about the use of essential oils. This book covers the beginning of aromatherapy with the use of incense and then the introduction of the quintessential oils that have become commonly known simply as essential oils. An in-depth study of quintessence from the Bible is included and how it relates to the oils. Spirit oils and the conflict of the flesh and the Holy Spirit is explained. Where and how do the essential oils get their power is explained from the word of God.

Essential oils from at least twelve different companies are compared and charted as to the recommended use for each oil. Four metaphysical companies, four faith based companies, and four secular companies are compared and charted for you to see the similarities and differences in the use of each oil.

If you are concerned whether or not you should be using aromatherapy, this book will bring you to an absolute conclusion as to whether or not the Holy Spirit is pleased with the use of essential oils. The only question left will be what will you do with the truth?

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Here Comes the Bride
a critique of the Baptist Bride Heresy

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Is a local, Baptist church the bride of Christ? Did John the Baptist start the first Baptist church with Jesus as one of his members? Is a saved Methodist, Lutheran or Catholic in the bride of Christ? What is the Baptist Bride Heresy?

You may wonder at the absurdity of these questions, and yet the Baptist Bride Heresy is a predominant belief amongst many Baptist churches.

From years of experience in dealing with “Briders,” as well as much biblical study, Ken McDonald writes to refute this heresy. With actual quotes from men such as Dr. Jack Hyles, Pastor James R. Love, Dr. Thomas Cassidy and others, you will begin to see the seriousness and proliferation of this belief. Brother McDonald then takes you on, and shows you from the words of God (King James Bible) the faults and deceptions of the Baptist Bride Heresy.

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Good Vibrations
Overcoming Spasmodic Dysphonia

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I am an Evangelist, and in May 2005 my voice gave out. After speaking on a Sunday morning, a lady came up to me after the service and said, "I can't understand you. I don't know what you are saying."

I was diagnosed at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center by Dr. Clark Rosen and Dr. Jackie Gartner-Schmidt with Abductor Spasmodic Dysphonia. I declined the Botox injections and began rehabilitation being instructed in the vocal exercises developed by Dr. Raymond Smolover known as Vocal Behavior Training. Not a quick fix, but a real reversal of the paralyzing effects of SD, little by little my voice began to be restored. For three years I went to therapy twice a week and worked the other days on my own doing the exercises. I went from being able to barely make sound on eight notes on a piano to making sound on four octaves after three years of work. I did not know if I would ever talk again. (Most of the time I stayed in my bedroom.) Today I am back to public speaking and even singing, which I never even dreamed I would do again.

Good Vibrations is my story of how I had my voice restored to functional use. It is a step by step account of the exercises I did, and the fears I encountered. It also contains email correspondence of two people who were diagnosed with SD and I instructed each of them in the exercises by email with their voices being improved.

It is my desire that others who are suffering from SD can receive hope and help in overcoming SD. Dr. J. Gartner-Schmidt states,
"...most professionals believe that success in voice therapy is defined as a return to a functional level of voicing..." Then according to this statement these exercises have been a success for me, for I have returned to a functional level of voicing, and that is from a public speaker, an evangelist, who at times is very hard on his voice.

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