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It is good to have some time to work on things, such as this website. We are taking some time to do writing and catching up on scheduling and the work of the ministry that doesn't get done while in meetings.

The time spent in Yuma, AZ at Maranatha Baptist Church went very well. Three people were born again during the four months we were filling in there. Also, there was a good spirit in the church when we were finished with our stay. Even though I know that I do not have the call of a Pastor, yet I will miss the people of MBC.

I am just getting started on scheduling meetings with my schedule starting up in July. Though we are getting older, yet by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ we will keep going as the Lord leads and enables us. It is such a privilege to serve our Lord Jesus Christ.


Just to clarify what we are doing at present.

We are in Southern Arizona at an RV park working on books, website and scheduling of meetings for the upcoming year and beyond. It has been good to be stationary for some time in order to get some order back into our lives. Praise the Lord for the upcoming meeting this coming Sunday at Victory Baptist Church in Willcox, AZ. We are looking forward to it, and I am looking forward to getting into the pulpit to preach. It will take some major preparation as the desert air, with its dust and dryness is one of the hardest types of places for me to preach. I'll drink plenty of water before the meeting as well as working my voice this week leading up to the meeting.

5.15.23 sunset 400pxl
5/15/23 Sunset