Evangelist Ken McDonald

AV 1611, The Book that runs the world

Terri’s Testimony
Muscle Testing


A couple of months ago, I was given an opportunity to go to a chiropractor that treated for allergies. As many of you know, I have had an allergy to milk all my life, with it getting very bad these last 13 years. My last episode ended with a sinus infection, but this time my eyes were bulging out of the sockets. Not a pretty site, so when I was told of this doctor, naturally I was interested in going.

We prayed and asked the Lord to meet the financial need and set a date so that if He didn’t, I could call and cancel and still give the doctor time to fill my time. The money did not come in, so the next day I called to cancel and was told that my appointment was already covered, but this came in after our “appointed” time in prayer. So I went to the appointment. The doctor was very nice and I told her of my allergy to milk and she brought out her cases of these glass vials with different labels on each. I was told to lay down on the table and as she set these vials on my stomach area, she had me hold my left arm straight up in the air. Then she proceeded to “test my resistance” to each of these vials and confirmed that I was indeed allergic to milk.

What I mean by, “testing my resistance” is that as she placed each of these vials on my stomach she would try to push my arm down. I was to try to hold her back. Each time the milk product vials were placed on my stomach I could not hold her back. This is called “Muscle Testing” or “Applied Kinesiology”. Once all of this was determined I was given a glass bowl the size of a small goldfish bowl with all the vials that I was allergic to in this bowl. Mind you this was only milk products as she told me my allergy to it was very strong. She then took this laser pointer like instrument out of a case. The light was very bright and the light was a white light, not red, and shined it into my belly button. She didn’t touch me just shined it into it and this lasted for about a minute. We continued to talk and after about 10 minutes she took the bowl out of my right hand and told me to rub my hands together. I was told not to eat any dairy products for 25 hours. I told her that I would wait until my next appointment as I know what happens when I have milk.

That night, I had this dream that I was talking to the “Devil” and he was telling my that I really didn’t want to get over this allergy. I argued that I indeed did. “He” told me that I liked the attention people gave me with it and I answered that I did not and wished people would leave me alone about it.

Two days after the appointment, I got up in the morning and was getting ready for my devotions, when this extreme fear came over me that this was going to come back on me with a vengeance. I knelt down and prayed and told the Lord, “God, I know you have not given me the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love and of a sound mind. Please clear my mind and heart and remove this fear from me.” I stayed in prayer for 5-10 minutes pleading the blood of Jesus Christ. When I finished praying the fear was gone.

Four days later, I was back in her office and she tested me with the milk vials again. This time she had me hold the bowl with the vials again in my right hand and then take my left hand and touch my thumb and index finger making a circle. The thought ran through my mind, “Humm”, like something New Age or Yoga. Then I was told to do the same for my third and ring finger. I was told my body was holding, but it was my emotions. I was then instructed that I was to tap my forehead and to tell myself that, “I could now eat this.” I had to change the way I thought. Well, I said to myself that I can’t do that as I know in the Bible everyone that said, “I can” or “I will” didn’t end up so good. But I can say, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” and “Without me, ye can do nothing” asking the Lord to heal me, if it was His perfect will.

After my 25 hours, I tried a cup of yoghurt. About an hour later, my stomach started cramping and I started tapping my forehead, quoting my verses. The next morning I woke up with no sore throat or rash as normally is my custom. Along with the treatments, I was given some supplements. One was for my adrenals, as I was told that food allergies was a sign of weak adrenal glands and also one for digestion, as I was told that I had bad digestion. I was also treated for headaches that I suffer from and given another supplement that was suppose to help my hormones. I started eating dairy products now because I was told I could. I had cheese on my pizza, string cheese, ice cream, yoghurt and more yoghurt and no reaction was seen or felt. Except that I was still breaking out under my arms. So I went back for my third and final visit. She tested me and found that I was allergic to wheat and so I was treated for this in the same way as before.

After my second visit, I noticed that I seemed more edgy and irritable and most always took it out on my husband. I started thinking about what all had been going on and I narrowed it down to the supplement that dealt with my hormones. I cut that in half and continued taking all the rest. But there just seemed like a jagged spirit in our home. Two weeks after the second treatment, my husband and I were talking and I emphatically said, “No, we are not going to do that, we will do it this way!” and then I back handed him in the stomach. He looked at me and said, “Don’t you ever hit me again.” I started to cry and apologized and remember thinking, why did I do that? I have never hit my husband and I don’t talk to him like that.

We came to our next meeting and a pastor’s wife came over to see me. As we talked, she asked me what was new in our life. So I reluctantly told her that I had been healed of my milk allergy. She said, “Really, how did this happen?” So I related the above story. Through all this time I became consciously aware that I didn’t want to tell anyone that I was healed of this allergy and that I was really ashamed of what I had done, and if this was of the Lord why did I not want to tell everyone “What great thing He had done!” When I was done, she told me that she knew of a lady that I needed to talk to. Arrangements were made to meet at her house at 9 am the next morning.

My husband came with me to this meeting, so as we were getting ready to go, I went into the bathroom to ask him a question. He couldn’t hear me as he was in the shower, so I opened the door and then just slammed it. He yelled at me and said, “I couldn’t hear you!” I walked into the bedroom, sat down on the bed and started to cry, “God, something is wrong here. Please show us what is the matter! We don’t talk to each other like this.” We arrived at the house a little before 9 am. We were the first to arrive and my husband was really irritated that this other lady wasn’t there. That was not like him as he is generally very laid back. Shortly, she arrived and we were introduced to Alice.

We sat down at the dining room table and she began to give us her testimony of her involvement in “Muscle Testing” for 10 years. This lady is a Bible Believer, a pastor’s wife and was/is a soul-winner, and faithfully reading her Bible. She got into “Muscle Testing” and for the first couple of years she felt better. She even learned how to do it and did it on several christians, some of whom I know, and actually helped. As time progressed, strange things began to happen. One time she was sitting in a chair and a little girl was standing next to her. This was not her little girl. She smiled at Alice and turned, walked away and vanished. At another time, a little boy appeared to her. He smiled, turned and walked around the corner. She would see shadows in her home. (When I was relaying this to another pastor’s wife, before I got to the shadows, she told me of a lady who used to go to their church that had had “Muscle Testing” done to her. She would tell her, “The ‘Shadow People’ are back.” This lady is no longer in a Bible Believing Church, and now sees a hypnotist!) She would go into the living room to be with her family and everyone would leave. At one point, one of her children said to her, “Mom, you take the most supplements and yet are the sickest one in the family.” At one point, she was taking a 150 tablets a day and killing her liver.

At one point, another Bible Believer confronted her on it and told her the folly’s in it all. But as she said, she liked the attention and preeminence it gave her. Besides, she was “helping others.” I guess the part that upset me the most was when she told of one night she and her husband went out to dinner. They received a call from the children at home. The youngest girl had gone up to her parents bedroom and they heard a blood curdling scream. Thinking she had cut herself or harmed herself badly, they rushed up stairs to find her standing in the hall screaming, “There is someone in mommy’s closet.” The bedroom door slammed shut and they could hear drawers opening and closing and voices laughing. The Lord eventually delivered her from all of this and we sat as we watched her cry thinking of the years she wasted and what she put her family through. One thing that struck me was she said looking back over it, it never bothered her that these shadows or personages appeared to her.

We all prayed together and Ken & I thanked her for taking the time to tell us what she had been through. We left and headed back to our trailer. Upon getting there, we knelt down at the couch and confessed our sin of deception, asking God to remove any unclean spirits we had, pleading the Blood of Jesus Christ upon us, our trailer and anything that we had given into. I then started going through our things and found a book on Reflexology. I shredded it. Everything I knew of that had anything to do with any of these things I threw out. I didn’t have a lot, but I wanted nothing in our home that would be a door for these things to enter in. My husband got on the internet and started searching on “Muscle Testing”. What a direct connection it has to the occult and satanism.

You may ask, what do you think happened to me? I would say I took on an unclean spirit. Did the treatment work? Yes, it did. But my healing did not come from the Lord Jesus Christ. I quit taking all of the supplements and my allergies have returned. Praise the Lord!

In conclusion, I would publicly like to ask the Lord Jesus Christ forgiveness for not being “sober minded and vigilant”. I would like to publicly thank the Lord Jesus Christ for giving us light and getting it to us so quickly, and for giving us the ability to act on that Light. Our home, once again, has a sweet spirit. My husband and I are closer and the sweet fellowship with him has returned. Thank you, Lord!