I have heard it said in many churches that the reason the world, or America, is in the poor spiritual condition is because the Christians have quit doing their job and the preachers have quit preaching the way they should. Thus they blame theirselves and the Christians on the present condition. Usually, after making statements along this line they then call for God’s people to do more. They proclaim that God’s people should work harder, pray more, win more souls, and read their bible more, but I find this attitude faulty and misplaced.

The reason we are in the condition that we are in, first of all, is because Jesus Christ said that this would be the condition of things in the last days. The description is given in Rev 3 concerning Laodicea. It is also given in 1 Tim. 4:1-6 as well as other places in the word of God. So to blame God’s people for the present condition is wrong.

The second reason Christianity as a whole is falling apart and is in the condition that it is in is because we are now beholding the results of polluted bibles. The modern versions are corrupt and polluted with such things as making Jesus Christ a sinner in Matt. 5:22 when
“without a cause” is left out. The new bibles blaspheme Jesus Christ in Isaiah 14:12 where the NIV calls Satan the “Morning Star” which is a title given to our Lord Jesus Christ in Rev. 22:16 and 2:8. This is blasphemous and a corrupt reading that is inspired by Satan, not the Holy Spirit! I merely mention these few examples to show that the modern versions are corrupt.

The word of God is likened unto water and the church is to be cleansed by the washing of the water of the word of God Eph 5:26. The church, Christianity, has been washing with dirty water since 1882 and the results are now being seen. You cannot get clean by washing in dirty water. It is the King James 1611 that will clean you up as you submit to the convictions through it given by the Holy Ghost.

We are in Laodicea, and in this age the local church has collapsed into apostasy. The Christian is to have an individual walk and fellowship with his Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. That is why it reads, unto
the church of the Laodiceans and not, the church which is in Laodicea. Rev. 3:14 The other six churches are in a place.

What is needed today by God’s people is to repent. You need to examine yourself in light of the King James Bible and where you are wrong you need to repent and your repentance is to be such that you change your actions, or at least attempt to change and to be grieved when you fail. For instance, what you watch on your computer and television. Is it godly? Would Jesus Christ be glad or sad? Does it grieve the Holy Spirit?

For instance there is a movie getting ready to come out called Star Wars, The Force Awakens. Now you know “the force” is witchcraft don’t you! I saw the original Star Wars when I was lost and Ben Kenobi describe it exactly as the Vitalistic Pantheistic bio-energetic power that binds all things together in the universe. That is blasphemy! Is “the force” real? Most definitely it is real. Does it work? Oh yes! Where does it come from? It emanates from the
prince of the power of the air, Satan himself. Eph. 2 Did you know that the air has power in it?

Why did I say that it was blasphemy? Heb. 1:3 states that all things, did you get that…all things, I say again…all things are held together
by the word of His power. Jesus Christ is your Creator who holds all things together, including you, for your breath is in the hands of God according to Job 12:10. To claim the “Force” is what holds and binds all things together is to steal the glory from Jesus Christ and to ascribe it to Satan. This metaphysical force is the same power that is relied upon for New Age Medicine.

If you go and watch Star Wars you are going to fill your body with darkness, images of violence and the word of God states in Psalms 11:5
“…the wicked and him that loveth violence his soul hateth.” That movie is going to be full of violence, witchcraft, and sex. And many of you, who will go watch it, will claim that you love Jesus Christ.

Revival? Take back America? Are you kidding? You won’t even try to take back yourself!