Evangelist Ken McDonald B.D., Th.M.

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Summer Prayer letter

Often when I write a prayer letter I write concise descriptions of events that have happened since the last prayer letter. This prayer letter I have decided to take more time and to go into more detail about the various events that have happened in the past three or four months.

Our Home Church ~ Seminole Baptist Church

Over the past year or so I have asked prayer for my home church as we were in need of a pastor. I filled in until we were able to get a pastor. Pastor Wesley Givens is 31 years old and a man who grew up in the church. He was the Youth Pastor when I began to fill in at the church.

Last August He was voted in as Pastor. Then in early Spring he quit his well paying job as a lineman, and in spite of a large pay cut, he stepped in full time to pastor the church. Glory to God!! It has been quite a road to get here, and the fulfillment was after much prayer.

Some people have asked me how things are going and I am thrilled to report that things are going very well. Pastor Wesley loves pastoring and it is obvious that he is a Pastor. Bible teachers, Evangelists, Missionaries will never be able to fill the office of a pastor. They may be able to preach, teach, or win souls, but there is no substitute for a man (never a woman) who is called to be a pastor, and Bro. Wesley is a pastor. The church is beginning to move forward spiritually and it is a joy to see. Just in the last three months we have seen 24 souls get saved, with 14 baptisms taking place. The baptismal waters in the church had not been stirred since 2016. By being full time he has the proper time to pray, study, visit and do the office of a pastor.

If your pastor is working a job, and at times it is a must, then you as a member of the church need to realize that he is working two full-time jobs. He will not be able to properly fulfill the office of a pastor while he is working a secular job. As a member you need to spend much, much time in prayer for him, that he would be able to go full-time as a pastor. Prayer is the key to move forward in any spiritual work.

As a youth, Pastor Wesley remembered an activity the church used to have called Club Truth. It is an activity where church youth groups get together and have competition with games such as sword search, and Bible questions on certain passages of the Bible. The passages are given to each participating church ahead of time for the youth to study. There is one trophy and the winning youth group takes home the trophy until the next meeting.

Starting out there was just one other church present, but this last meeting five church youth groups came together to compete, eat, sing, and play games as well. It went very well, and the youth got to make new Christian friends as well. Our church auditorium was full of people. Word has traveled and there were two visiting pastors and Christians present just to see what was happening.

In June, we had our VBS and it went very well. I had the privilege of preaching at it two of the nights. The first night I preached I had the joy of seeing 10 children pray to ask the Lord to saved them. These were individually dealt with and not pressured to make a decision.

The second night I preached It seemed strange to me, but the I was impressed to preach a sermon aimed more towards surrendering to the work of the ministry. In the invitation two young people raised their hands in surrender to the service of the Lord. Praise the Lord!

After VBS I filled in for a week while Pastor Wesley took the youth to camp and at camp three teenagers from our youth group got saved.

Our Meetings have gone very well

We have seen Him greatly bless in the meetings. Just today I had a pastor mention to me: “You have no idea how the Lord used you in the sermons. You covered the exact things that are going on in our church.“ It is always a joy to know that you have delivered the mail. Every church has expressed a desire to have us back for meetings.

Please pray the Lord would give me discernment on the balance of writing and preaching. His will is my desire. Not my will be done. I do not write books while I am in meetings as I am a one task person. I am not a multitasker. A meeting, or a book; they both consume my thoughts and can only be done one at a time.

It is amazing how fast time goes by. We had a meeting in Newburgh NY at Lighthouse Bible Baptist church. It is a church that was started when I was off the road due to my voice. It had been five years since we had been there. That was much too long, but what a joy to see Pastor McCaw and his wife, Lisa, along with the other members, still faithful and steady in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ.

They have been faithful in meeting in their home for services, as well as ministering in the local community festivals. They set up booths and witness to people. So far this year they have lead over 70 people to the Lord. This is after a thorough explanation of salvation to each person. They do not do a quick shallow “pitch.”

In another church, the pastor asked me to make a visit with him, which I did. The husband had gotten saved about a year earlier. He and his wife have two children, one is saved and the other lost. The wife was not saved and was practicing Wicca witchcraft. She claimed not to be a Wiccan though.

We had a very good time of conversation with her as she was not at all angry nor rebellious at the gospel. She was very receptive, but had enjoyed her years of earth worship with the seasons, as well as collecting herbs under a full moon.

After talking to her for over an hour it seemed like she would not make the final choice to call upon Jesus Christ for salvation. As we four sat and talked in the living room, she got up and went outside. After a few minutes her husband wanted to show us some things he had built outside so we went to see them.

After some more time we were getting ready to go when she said that she was ready to get saved. With joy and surprise we bowed our heads and prayed as the Pastor prayed with her and lead her to the Lord. Glory to God that was a good time!!!

The next day I received a text that her husband said that she seems to be glowing since she got saved. There is nothing like serving our Lord Jesus Christ!

Terri Lee, My Wife

Terri finished reading her Bible through for the 70th time about a month ago. Praise the Lord for a spiritual wife! While on the subject of Terri, let me relate to you the following story:

We were on interstate 80, south of Chicago traveling to Wisconsin. I had driven most of the way, but at this time Terri was in the driver’s seat. The four lane freeway was brought down to 2 lanes as the other 2 lanes were under construction. It was a little past evening rush hour, though the highway was still very busy. On our right side was a four inch drop off to the rough ground off surface road. A short space beyond that were the orange marker barrels. On the left side were cars passing us, though Terri was doing the speed limit for the area.

All of a sudden her front right wheel caught the edge and dropped onto the rough surface below. As she tried to steer the RV back up onto the road, it would not “grab” and climb the ledge. We both were praying out loud.

We could sense and feel the vibration of the inside of the tire scraping against the ledge. Finally she steered harder and the wheel caught and jumped up onto the road, but then it threw us into the other lane as we started to feel the RV shift its weight in a kind of rolling sense. Terri did a great job and steered the RV back towards our lane as a car shot by on her left almost squeezed between us and the concrete barrier on the left side of the highway.

As we shot back to the right it was a very precarious situation as we were out of control, again feeling the roll of the motorhome. Terri then counter steered and by the grace of God was able to bring the rig back under control. Shaking and emotional she saw a sign that said, “Rest Area two miles ahead”. She then said,
“I am stopping there and you can drive.”

Our RV is a 1994 and has a straight axel. It does not have independent front suspension, thus control is not as good as the newer rigs. It has a tendency to drift as we travel, especially if it is windy.

Travel and Repairs

Traveling is an evangelist’s life and along with that traveling comes the need for repairs to our rig.

We left Seminole and headed north for meetings on the 3rd of July. Well, from Seminole you won’t head south for meetings or you will be in water. The RV was heating up when we would climb any hills on the highway. Now, Alabama does not have “hills,” yet the small gentle hills that highway 65 goes over were enough to cause overheating to our motorhome. Now that is not so good!

We pulled into Franklin Road Baptist Church and the RV would not go into gear either. It had been a very long slow drive that day, and here we were stuck in the driveway of their bus barn. After letting the engine and transmission cool for a few hours, I started it up and praise the Lord, it went into gear. I was able to drive the RV onto the RV slot they had waiting for us.

After getting sick for six days I was able to see if there was someone who could help me with the rv and it’s overheating. Then Terri got sick for a week as well. Bro. Spicer came over and being a bus mechanic, he was able to fix the RV. The water temperature sensor had gone out, so he replaced it and glory to God, we were back on the road. Wow!

We greatly appreciate the prayers you all send up to our Father for us. Two weeks before arriving in Wisconsin our air conditioner went out, deader than a door nail! But God had kept it going so that when it went out we were not in 90 or 100 degree heat. Thank you, Dear LORD!! Arriving in Wisconsin it cools off at night into the 50’s and 60’s.

When things go wrong I have a tendency to think the worst and had thoughts that it would cost $5000.00 for a new air conditioner, which is the price of a new one for our rig. Not only that, but as I watched the removal of basement air conditioners on YouTube it looked like a nightmare to remove and replace the basement air. So my prayer life was much more fervent as I besought the Lord to help us, and it is always a joy when you see Him answer prayer.

After preaching and having some very good services, it was time to deal with our air conditioner. The removal actually went very easy. I was thrilled!! The repair needed had to do with the blower and in less than a day it was ready to reinstall, which was done the next day. All is working well now and we are cool. Praise the Lord! For those of you who were praying for us, Thank you! The Lord definitely answered your prayers.

After the repair of the air conditioner they then tackled the other 23 things on the list. That is not an exaggeration. BBC in Reedsburg are very gracious people and have been a great help to Terri and I over the years.

New Books Coming Out - Lord Willing!

As of the writing of this prayer letter I have a new book getting prepped for publishing. It is the 4th book in my Sermon in a Book Series and it is titled, Four Sides of Calvary. Some of you may remember this sermon. It is a running description of our Lord’s 6 hours on the Cross. I am looking forward to it finally being available.

Sons of Zadok is with the proof reader and should be finished and published in a month or two. That may sound like a long time, but the battle that takes place when we are trying to publish a book is amazing. Prayer is essential for progress to be made. This is true in any Christians life, it is true in the ministry, and it is true in the publishing of spiritual books.

In Closing

The Lord Jesus Christ is always good, and always good to us, though we deserve nothing from Him. As we travel the roads, God has kept us healthy and able to continue in this ministry. We are getting older and moving a bit slower.

At times we complain and repent of our complaining, but we do pray if it is the Lord’s will, that he would give us an RV that is a bit larger. That it would have a washer and dryer in it, and room for both us to work on our various projects. But I am thankful that I have the agility at 63 to climb up onto my bed, sit in a beach chair and work on my books. So for now we are able to do what needs to be done, and for now, that is all we need.

Thank you all for your prayers for us. One day, those of us that are born again, shall meet on the streets of gold, sing of our Lord Jesus Christ and hug each other with a welcome home greeting like none to be compared.
God bless, and stay in the fight. Our Lord Jesus Christ is coming very soon. Amen and amen!!!

A Servant of Jesus Christ,
Bro. Ken McDonald
Jn 9:4